in our youth

by Residuals

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released May 6, 2011



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Residuals Thousand Oaks, California

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Track Name: Door to Door
The things said, and the moments shared
Become the flesh of flesh and the bone of bone
Fibers in my brain start to tear
And it's making me fragile
My skin is paper, bones are glass
Delicate disaster
Faster my mind, find an answer
Move on with my life

Looking back at it all, it feels like forever
These memories stretch back to yesteryear
Trust me, it's the bad that makes the good so good
It's the sour that makes the sweet
But my tongue's been tasting the bitterness that comes
When you dig your teeth too deep
And it pierces the skin
Track Name: Abstraction
Months I've spent, stuck in this rut
Pretending to be fine, when I'm anything but
Remaining motionless, dead to all that surround me
My limbs have withered, hanging limply
I desperately want to get out
To stand and stretch my legs
I'm afraid I don't have the strength

Feigning existence, doing what I can to get by
Life is as good as you make it, God knows I've tried

I've fallen into a dream, I can't wake up
For years these night terrors will haunt me
Throughout the day, and flatten me at night
So bleak and so weary, I hang my head
I have to shout so you can hear me, again and again
Track Name: Desaturated
My mind gets to wandering, and I become troubled
Thoughts bleed into my vision
Take over all I see

I've come to find that things are never simply black and white
The two are but one interwoven strand
Tangled in between what you think is real

Greyscale surroundings consume vision that once retained color
I once could see the vibrance, and take pleasure in the sight
But now all I see is darkness, looming above my head
Staggering over any passing gleam of light

I try to shake it off and see things clearly
But the more I think the less I seem to care
Whats the point of anything at all?
Of me, of you, of any of our efforts?
Please tell me, what am I missing?
I'm dying to know
Track Name: Plurlife
These days, I've found absent my attachment
I'm rooted to this ground
I'm forced to remain stagnant

Enticed by the colors and the sounds
In a sea of nameless faces you drown
You're drowning out
You're clawing through waves
Water fills your lungs, your breath's run out

A fissure runs deep through your mind
It's filling up with memories
Your grasp on reality slips

How can you face the day
When you're living in false hope
Made real by what's caught in your throat
Track Name: Rust
I've been living a life of vacancy
It's taken me deeper and deeper
My mind's been gathering dust the past weeks
Maybe im getting weaker
It's left me unable
Waiting for my bones to rust

I can feel a sickness
Creeping through my veins
It's nails dig in to my every thought
The lost shell of yesterday, I became
I felt estranged and distraught

Why do we say our minds our made up
What can I do when all these things
Are in the shape of an anchor
And its pulling me downward

And conscious thought turned upside down,
I'm confusing life for reality

The days bleed together, there is no beginning, is no end

Be that as it may, I would've rather had and feel the pain of loss, than to have never had at all