by Residuals



released February 5, 2011

Recorded and produced by Sean Vahle
Artwork by Alex Vahle
Huge thank you to Melotov and Radical Friends




all rights reserved


Residuals Thousand Oaks, California

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Track Name: Ghostly Roots
I'm rotting from the inside out, and all I feel is nothing
I'm rotting away from this town, and all I feel is nothing
I ain't got no room to move
feel like I've been buried alive
enclosed in a casket underneath the earth
I feel like I am dead, but I don't feel like I am hurt
fake smiles crawl across my face like worms
this is not where I belong, not here
these worms will never leave
Track Name: Despair
oh I thought it was important, these wolves among the sheep
"no, it's only their misfortune
we've got what all the men will call their king"
I've seen it from the top of everything
where our peaks can reach the stars
way up here there's lots of wings
black and tattered and filled with scars
I too have seen where dreams get put to sleep
and let me tell you, it sure ain't pretty
I long to be where I can rest my feet
for I am splitting at the stitching, at the seams

this is not all it's made out to be
it's filled with despair and defeat
nothing else matters
nothing else is sadder than being here
Track Name: Rupture
what have you done with your life?
you're walking backwards, you're hypnotized
what have you done with your life?
you're looking backwards, you're hypnotized
we all get to walk some day
some choose to crawl in other legs
we all stand too tall some days
the higher you are, the harder you fall
Track Name: Subsistence
and I don't know how to swim
but I won't see the ocean's floor
pick myself back up again
and as I close my eyes, I think to myself
"at this moment, I feel abandoned again
isolated from everybody that I called a friend,
I'm alone, scared and insecure,
it was promised to me there was so much more than this"

she said "why the long face kid? you're looking kind of blue"
I don't recall just who I am, and I don't know what to do
sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and the pain in my words will remain unheard
Track Name: Patriarch
waiting for something, watching the clock
watching it all fade away
I told myself I wouldn't let me do this again
I'm hanging on your every word, I'm a mess
what should I expect from you?
even when I'm sleeping, I'm keeping one eye open
waiting for something, something to happen
I've stayed awake through countless nights
still there is nothing
I'm greeted by the rising sun
I'm greeted by disappointed
I've stayed here for so long, frozen in this moment
I am frozen in the moment
can't tear myself away from the gruesome scene displayed before me, it's cold and grey
the woman wept, heavy breathing
a cruel world, so misleading
now I stand alone
a ghost will forever roam inside my head, inside my brain
in everything
Track Name: Identity
we're taking days in shades of grey
cause I can't stand across a sea
we're making faith from earth and clay
just give them heat, they'll surely break
we're always missing the point
blindly committed to what we've mistaken for joy
everything shines so brightly
everything bound so tightly it breaks
we fall and crumble apart
foundations of pillars of salt come crashing down

we are not holy
we are not forever
Track Name: For Joy
These nights are so hard,
These days are scars, withholding memories of
Nights spent in the dark
You by my side, unyielding.

You dream of our children,
with your face, the features of angels
and eyes just like mine.
Flightless, my feathers are plucked and burnt,
As you soar away.
I'll live my life in your shadow.

I'll tear out my insides,
To keep you from tying these knots in my gut.
My wings are scorched.
My flesh is torn.
Track Name: Harpy...
filled with hate
I loathe it all
my eyes are red, my fists are balled
I'm never coming home, for a home I never had
so I'll scream, I'll scream til I can scream no more
then I'll scream and piss and puke some more
soon I'll be nothing, soon I won't exist

I said I loved you
I could've sworn it was true
I gave you my heart
you only gave me the blues

we'd say "through hell and back"
but let's be honest darling
I'd rather stay in hell than be anywhere near you
you make hell seem like heaven, you scum of the earth
you're cruelly malicious
you make me sick